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KIDSKI was set up with two things in mind. To provide quality products at reasonable prices.

The Owner, a keen skier and Mum, felt that childrens' ski/snowboard clothing were very expensive, especially when the children are first starting out and still growing! So many outfits are miniature versions of the adult brand names, but unfortunately their prices are not.

The Manager has taught internationally as a ski instructor and knows the difficulties younger children have on the slopes (how to get out of clothing in an emergency!) , whilst not forgetting the older ones need for style and warmth for their longer expeditions on the slopes.

With all these in mind we decided to provide products with excellent quality, value, style and comfort for all the ages from 3 to 13 years old.

Skiing/Snowboarding families need a good starting point, so often when you've made the decision to have a winter holiday, suddenly you realise what do we need, and where do I get it from?

Look no further! Just browse through and see what you really need to get your kids started.

At KIDSKI we are here to help. Not only with what to wear but we can give advice on many other aspects of your skiing holiday. As parents of kids who ski, we know that to have a successful holiday, the kids need to be happy. Once they're happy, you can start to relax!

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