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For some top notch books, we have become an Amazon.com Associate. We only recommend books with instructional value that have been referred to us by other professionals. As usual you can be assured that ordering online is easy and secure. So start to build up your own ski library or give them as a present !
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Where to Ski and Snowboard 2004:
The Reuters Guide to the World's Best Winter Sports Resorts

A Parent's Guide to Teaching Skiing

The Avalanche Handbook
This book provides a thorough introduction to avalanche theory. The book is divided into chapters which build a solid foundation (weather systems, snow structure) through snowpack basics (snow strength and deformation, snowpack structure) and well into more advanced concepts (snowpack analysis, avalanche prediction, search and rescue, and even control with explosives, etc.) It is an excellent, if heavy, read and I found it a valuable resource in the development of an intro avalanche course.

Waxing and Care of Skis and Snowboards

Anyone Can Be an Expert Skier :The Definitive Shaped Ski Owner's Guide
The book features Harald Harb's "Primary Movements Teaching System", a revolutionary system that should mean that whatever your current ability level, you learn expert technique and avoid the dead-end movements that keep you at the intermediate level. Harb is the industry leader in balance and alignment research. Here, he describes the latest developments. You'll learn to select boots and shaped skis to maximise your skiing performance, and you'll understand how equipment affects your ability to move and balance while skiing. As well as a number of colour photographs, the book features handy tear-out, colour "Pocket Instructor" cards that you can take with you to the pistes.