Basic Ski Wear for Kids

Just as many adults love to take to the slopes for some skiing adventures, so do the kids. This is a great sport for them to become involved in at as young an age as possible. At the same time they must be dressed appropriately. Fortunately there are some great choices when it comes to ski clothing for kids.

The Base Layer

One of the first things that people who ski learn about ski clothing is that they need to dress in layers. This is the layer of clothing that is going to keep them warm. But, at the same time, it will keep them dry. Often the young ones will perspire when they are skiing. No matter how cold it is outside. The inner layers of clothing have to be able to absorb the sweat without feeling wet or damp.


This piece of ski attire is often forgotten about but it is very important. Of course the ski boots have to feel comfortable. But, the feet have to be kept warm. Otherwise the young skiers will have difficulty keeping control of their skis. Also, it won’t be long before they will feel cold and uncomfortable and want to put an end to their skiing activities. Most ski gurus prefer to use a combination sock comprised of synthetic and Merino wool. For many they have found that the young skiers prefer this the most.

Additional Ski Slope Fun

Parents may be hard pressed to get their little ones off the ski slopes when they need a break. No doubt after a few hours their ski attire is going to need some drying out. While this process is taking place the kids can be entertained watching some ski humanoids particpate in a tournament.

These are just a few suggestions for the type of clothing that is going to be most appropriate for the kids to wear while they are enjoying their ski adventures.