Types of Ski Wear for Men

Skiing is not a sport that is gender-based. It can be enjoyed by both guys and gals, and kids of either gender too. What it does require is proper clothing. Men may have different tastes in ski attire compared to their female counterparts so let’s look at this further.

Jacket Styles

One of the most important pieces of clothing that is also going to make a fashion statement is the ski jackets. There are a variety of different types.

  • Shell Jackets: What the guys like about this jacket is that they are really light. The reason being is because it doesn’t have any insulation. Now some may think that makes it inappropriate for skiing. But, there a lot of men who ski that find this activity really heats them up. Therefore, they prefer to go with a jacket that is lighter.
  • Insulated jackets: This comes with some decision making. It means deciding on how much insulation one wants or needs. Most like to go with a 200g insulation. But for some this may be too much. In that case they can opt for one that is between 50g to 100g.

Ski Pants

When choosing ski pants then there are two main areas to focus on. One is how waterproof they are. The second is the warmth. Added to these priorities will be comfort.

Aside from these necessities, there are some other important features to keep in mind about the snow pants such as the gaiters and venting.


There is no shortage of accessories for the avid skiers. Many like to go with those that have the latest technology built into them. For some they want to be able to do some ski tracking so they are going to be interested in devices like the Apple Watch Series.

These are just some highlights of a few of the important pieces of ski clothing that the guys put a lot of emphasis on.