Types of Ski Wear for Women

Some women prefer to buy their ski wear from the men’s collection. But there may be a few differences to take note of.


A lot of women can get away with wearing men’s ski helmets. They are very close in similarities. However, with the women’s ski helmets they often contain more of a luxurious type lining which the women prefer compared to the men. One of the problems with wearing the men’s helmet is that the women are not going to get the proper fit. If one wants to interchange these than they need to do so by going by the measurements.

Ski Jackets

The most significant difference between the men ski jackets and the women’s jackets are going to be in the cut. Women like a ski jacket that tends to be more formfitting in the waist area. But in the bust area, they want a looser fit. Some women also like the cuffs of the jacket to be more formfitting.

Then is going to come down to colours as well, although a lot of women like to go for the primary colours. There are some women that tend to want to go with the more feminine colours which are the pinks and perhaps the light blues.

Ski Pants

There are a lot of women that like to go with the one piece ski suits. The men tend to not want to go for this as much because they feel too restricted. For the women that are going for the ski pants, they may want more of a tapered leg.

Also they are going to want a good fit in the waist area. What is important is that they are not too snug. They need to allow for enough room for the inner clothing. At the same time they cannot be too baggy as they will be restrictive with the skiing actions.